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Town Meeting Tonight Mon Oct 16 -- check-in starts 6 PM, meeting starts 7 PM

Hey everybody -- town meeting tonight, Mon Oct 16, begins at 7:00 PM.  Check-in starts at 6:00 PM.  (Confirmed w/Town Clerk's office this morning.)

The meeting does NOT begin at 6:30 PM, which some people have incorrectly concluded from recent messaging that has been going around.

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300th Anniversary Architectural Walking Tour: The Rise of Middle Class America

July 15, 2017

As manufacturing matures in the historic downtown area around the 1835 Boston and Worcester railroad yard, new mid-19th century to early 20th century neighborhoods begin to develop on the early village’s western edge.

Paralleling the early north-south Church Street, new streets like Blake and John, and California (now West) with connecting streets of Whitney, Raymond (now Heath) and Weld Street are built. Successful manufacturers begin speculating in real estate development. Italianate and later Craftsmen influenced single and multi-family homes pre-dominate the landscape along with iconic shade trees

Guide R. Christopher Noonan, historic preservationist and historic real estate specialist, will lead the tour.  Sound track will be provided by Luanne Crosby on ukulele, singing her 300th Anniversary Song, a tribute to the town’s evolution, and other relevant compositions adding some musical fun to the festivities. Guest Speaker will be Kray Small, Massachusetts Certified Arborist. Come learn the importance of caring for and maintaining our indigenous New England trees.

Participants will meet at Westborough Public Library, 55 West Main Street, at 1:00 PM. If heavy rain is forecast, the event will be held July 16, 2017 at the same time.

Please check www.westborough300.com for weather updates and a full listing of Walking Tour for the year

  • Christopher Noonan & Luanne Crosby

508.473.4884                         508.612.2589

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2017 Annual Town Meeting - Warrant Articles

Here's a list of the articles and their number, as extracted from the AFC_RecBooklet_Mar18_2017 ( fetched Sat Mar 18 ):

ARTICLE 1: Annual Town Election (Board of Selectmen)
ARTICLE 2: Town Reports (Advisory Finance Committee)
ARTICLE 3: Prior Years Bills (Country Club Operating Committee)
ARTICLE 4: Clerical Union Contract Appropriation (Town Manager)
ARTICLE 5: Fiscal Year 2017 Budget Transfers (Town Manager)
ARTICLE 6: Fiscal Year 2018 Operating Budgets (Advisory Finance Committee)
ARTICLE 7: Regularly Recurring Articles (Town Manager)
ARTICLE 8: Capital Improvement Plan (Town Manager/Capital Expenditure Planning Committee)
ARTICLE 9: Senior Center User Software (Assistant Town Manager/COA Director)
ARTICLE 10: Smith Valve Parkway Lighting (Town Manager)
ARTICLE 11: Purchase of Rectangular Rapid Flash Beacon Crosswalk Safety Signs (BPAC)
ARTICLE 12: Downtown Street Lighting (DPW Director)
ARTICLE 13: Recreation Parking Lot at former State Hospital Property (Recreation Commission)
ARTICLE 14: Water – Capital Equipment and Projects (DPW Director & Conservation Officer)
ARTICLE 15: Drainage Maintenance (DPW Director/Conservation Officer)
ARTICLE 16: Seal Bricks at the Senior Center (Buildings and Ground)
ARTICLE 17: Authorization to Accept Grant Funds & Easements (DPW Director)
ARTICLE 18: Forbes Municipal Building Increased Debt Authorization (MBC)
ARTICLE 19: Hastings Elementary School Geothermal Heating/Cooling System (School Department)
ARTICLE 20: Armstrong Modular Project (School Department)
ARTICLE 21: High School Drainage Swale Evaluation (School Dept./Conservation Commission)
ARTICLE 22: Lease Agreement Authorization (School Department)
ARTICLE 23: Town Sewer System (DPW Director)
ARTICLE 24: Town Water System (DPW Director)
ARTICLE 25: Town Water Mains (DPW Director)
ARTICLE 26: Glen/Nourse Street Cemetery Construction Phase I (DPW Director)
ARTICLE 27: Adopt Chapter 218 of the Acts of 2016
ARTICLE 28: Relocation, Acceptance (and Discontinuance of portions) of Washington Street (DPW Director)
ARTICLE 29: Alteration of Washington Street (DPW Director)
ARTICLE 30: Amend General Bylaws – Revolving Funds (Town Manager)
ARTICLE 31: Amend General Bylaws – Renumbering, Sections, Articles and Correcting Titles (Town Manager)
ARTICLE 32: Amend General Bylaws – Marijuana Not Medically Prescribed (Board of Selectmen)
ARTICLE 33: Amend Zoning Bylaws – Marijuana Not Medically Prescribed (Board of Selectmen)
ARTICLE 34: Amend Zoning Bylaws – Accessory Dwelling Units (Planning Board)
ARTICLE 35: Amend Zoning Bylaw: Highway Business District (BA) (Planning Board)
ARTICLE 36: Petitioned Article for Wine and Malt Package Store (By Petition)
ARTICLE 37: Property Acquisition (Board of Selectmen)
ARTICLE 38: Property Disposition (Board of Selectmen)
ARTICLE 39: Use of Bond Premiums (Treasurer/Collector)
ARTICLE 40: Non-Criminal Fire Code Violations (Fire Chief)
ARTICLE 41: Board of Selectmen Authorized to Sign Lease (By Petition)
ARTICLE 42: Fales Elementary School Feasibility Study (School Committee)


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Official 2017 Town Election Results - pdf

As fetched from the Town web site, on 8-Mar-2017, here is our saved copy of the official election results: TownElection2017

(You only need to click one of the above links.  Either should provide the exact same document; we make a point to save a duplicate copy on Westborough.com's own server, in case the doc from the town site becomes unavailable.)

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Unofficial Results for 2017 Westborough Town Election

Here are unofficial results for select races & "the question":

Please note, this information is neither official nor certified.  Some minor errors may be present , we'll post official results when available -- webmaster

8-Mar-2017 update: Not bad!  Only off by 3 for total votes cast.  Official results from Town Clerk may be found at this post, thank you.

Ballots cast: 1,510

School Committee:

 Crandall  750 (50%)
 Edinberg 1104 (73%)
 Feldman   667 (44%)

 blank     507 (33%)

Trustees of Public Library:

 Fontes   1051 (70%)
 Linnane  1053 (70%)
 Mello     798 (53%)
 Waite     605 (40%)
 blank    1016 (66%)


 YES:   1192 (79%)
 NO:     294 (19%)
 blank:   24 ( 2%)
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Looking for old items?  Try the ARTICLE ARCHIVES.

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