Open letter regarding the State Representative Special Election, March 2015

Hello.  This is an open letter from to the candidates, and to the heads of our respective party committees in town.

After our recent town meeting, it’s fresh in our mind just how challenging these governmental processes are.  We face a perpetual tension between never-ending needs and obligations, and means and opportunities to provide them.

The awkward truth is that whatever systems we have, and decisions we’ve made, they’re never quite enough.  Needs and wants continue to grow .  Perhaps this is part and parcel with the human condition.  And yet the means to fulfill these needs and wants, one might say, is decidedly opposite.  Sources are limited.  And in some cases, diminishing — consider the business-fueled portion of our town’s revenue.

Can we shift this conversation?

Could we perhaps borrow from the business world their concept of “continual improvement“, and strive to find ways to adopt, and adapt, this way of thinking to our governmental purposes?

Put another way, can we all strive for thinking in the direction of “doing more, with less” ?

More services.  Less taxation.  Why not?

Here’s an alternative phrasing:  “win-win”.

With this idea in mind, we offer several  questions:

  1. Questions to our candidates for State Representative,
  2. Questions to the heads of our respective party committees in town
  3. One shared question, to all.

Questions for the candidates

From either your personal or professional life:

1.  Where have you been able to bring forward “out of the box” style thinking, in order to truly accomplish more, with less? 

2.  Where have you been in the position of the “lone voice of opposition”,  and were able to successfully sway, or enroll others, to your way of thinking?  

  • Can you bring new solutions, and where have you done that?
  • How effective are you at bringing other people around to your way of thinking?  I.e. being effective in promoting and achieving your position, especially when it is not the majority position.

Questions for Party Committee Heads

1.  What is your biggest fear, threat , or concern — or sense of lost possibility — if the opposition candidate is elected, instead of your party’s candidate?  What vision goes unfulfilled? 

2.  What confidence or assurance do you have, that if your candidate is in fact elected, that this vision will come to pass?

3.  Do you have any evidence or data that would suggest that?

Question for All

What do you say to the disenchanted or cynical electorate, who perhaps may feel that neither candidate is going to offer that big of a difference .. that we’re just going to end up with the same kinds of results … and that this election doesn’t really matter in the long run?

What might you say to offer a different point of view to people who may be thinking in this way?

Thanks, Westborough!

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  1. We did post on the Facebook pages for the town party committees to try to ask a question for the heads of the committees, but no luck so far connecting with them 🙁

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