The Town of Westborough, founded on November 18, 1717, will celebrate its 300th anniversary in 2017. Selectmen have appointed a 300th Committee to plan and coordinate events throughout 2017. The celebration will focus on the happenings and people that have shaped the Westborough community. Events for all ages are being discussed including a parade, fireworks, a field day, a ball and a store for Westborough-themed arts, crafts and memorabilia.

The committee is looking for creative ideas, suggestions and volunteers for organizational subcommittees for each of these events as well as graphic design and interactive and social media. Interested residents including students, as well as business owners should contact the 300th Committee’s co-chairs Deb Schradieck (deb.schradieck@gmail.com), or Ed Newton Jr. (ejnjen@msn.com) or via mail to 34 West Main Street, Westborough, MA 01581.

Westborough’s 300th will be an exciting and fun celebration with something for everyone. You’re encouraged to be a part of it!

About Westborough

Since its incorporation in 1717 as the 100th town in Massachusetts, Westborough has grown from a settlement of orchards and dairies into a dynamic community with a healthy mix of residences, wooded trails, and industry. Located 12 miles east of Worcester and 29 miles west of Boston, at the intersection of the Mass Pike, Route 495 and Route 9, Westborough’s population of a little more than 18,000 residents enjoy extensive public services for all ages, and active recreation programs on its lakes, woodlands, and playing fields. Westborough High School was ranked 35th in Newsweek Magazine’s “America’s Top High Schools 2014” list, and the town has been cited by Money Magazine and CNNmoney.com as one of the “Best Places to Live” in the U.S.

Spurred by the advent of the train in 1834, and now with commuter rail service to both Boston and Worcester, Westborough has been home to diversified manufacturing, ranging from sleighs, straw hats, and boots in the past to computer and telecommunications equipment today. Westborough has also emerged as an important regional center for office development, with 35 percent of its employment devoted to the service sector.

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  1. As a former resident having lived 35 years in Westboro, I am looking forward to next years 300th celebration. I was around at Westboro’s 250th in 1967. If it is not too late to add a suggestion to the festivities already planned, would it be possible for a Westboro High alumni homecoming event be added to the towns list of celebrations. Perhaps the high school senior class of 2017 could organize and seek sponsors for a grand high school reunion of all living Westborough High School graduates. What a great legacy that would be for the class of 2017 to pull an event like this together for the town’s centennial. Myself having graduated in 1981, I would love to see fellow graduates from the years 1977 through 1985, that we shared classes and some house parties with back in the day. I know from making mention to old classmates that it would be a fun day or night for Westborough alumni to catch up with alumni of other graduating classes. Alumni of the 50’s through 2016 all meeting in one place, say under a big top tent on the grounds of the high school, on one day would be an awesome gathering of old and new town residents to celebrate their time in Westborough past and present.

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