2017 Annual Town Meeting – Warrant Articles

Here’s a list of the articles and their number, as extracted from the AFC_RecBooklet_Mar18_2017 ( fetched Sat Mar 18 ):

ARTICLE 1: Annual Town Election (Board of Selectmen)
ARTICLE 2: Town Reports (Advisory Finance Committee)
ARTICLE 3: Prior Years Bills (Country Club Operating Committee)
ARTICLE 4: Clerical Union Contract Appropriation (Town Manager)
ARTICLE 5: Fiscal Year 2017 Budget Transfers (Town Manager)
ARTICLE 6: Fiscal Year 2018 Operating Budgets (Advisory Finance Committee)
ARTICLE 7: Regularly Recurring Articles (Town Manager)
ARTICLE 8: Capital Improvement Plan (Town Manager/Capital Expenditure Planning Committee)
ARTICLE 9: Senior Center User Software (Assistant Town Manager/COA Director)
ARTICLE 10: Smith Valve Parkway Lighting (Town Manager)
ARTICLE 11: Purchase of Rectangular Rapid Flash Beacon Crosswalk Safety Signs (BPAC)
ARTICLE 12: Downtown Street Lighting (DPW Director)
ARTICLE 13: Recreation Parking Lot at former State Hospital Property (Recreation Commission)
ARTICLE 14: Water – Capital Equipment and Projects (DPW Director & Conservation Officer)
ARTICLE 15: Drainage Maintenance (DPW Director/Conservation Officer)
ARTICLE 16: Seal Bricks at the Senior Center (Buildings and Ground)
ARTICLE 17: Authorization to Accept Grant Funds & Easements (DPW Director)
ARTICLE 18: Forbes Municipal Building Increased Debt Authorization (MBC)
ARTICLE 19: Hastings Elementary School Geothermal Heating/Cooling System (School Department)
ARTICLE 20: Armstrong Modular Project (School Department)
ARTICLE 21: High School Drainage Swale Evaluation (School Dept./Conservation Commission)
ARTICLE 22: Lease Agreement Authorization (School Department)
ARTICLE 23: Town Sewer System (DPW Director)
ARTICLE 24: Town Water System (DPW Director)
ARTICLE 25: Town Water Mains (DPW Director)
ARTICLE 26: Glen/Nourse Street Cemetery Construction Phase I (DPW Director)
ARTICLE 27: Adopt Chapter 218 of the Acts of 2016
ARTICLE 28: Relocation, Acceptance (and Discontinuance of portions) of Washington Street (DPW Director)
ARTICLE 29: Alteration of Washington Street (DPW Director)
ARTICLE 30: Amend General Bylaws – Revolving Funds (Town Manager)
ARTICLE 31: Amend General Bylaws – Renumbering, Sections, Articles and Correcting Titles (Town Manager)
ARTICLE 32: Amend General Bylaws – Marijuana Not Medically Prescribed (Board of Selectmen)
ARTICLE 33: Amend Zoning Bylaws – Marijuana Not Medically Prescribed (Board of Selectmen)
ARTICLE 34: Amend Zoning Bylaws – Accessory Dwelling Units (Planning Board)
ARTICLE 35: Amend Zoning Bylaw: Highway Business District (BA) (Planning Board)
ARTICLE 36: Petitioned Article for Wine and Malt Package Store (By Petition)
ARTICLE 37: Property Acquisition (Board of Selectmen)
ARTICLE 38: Property Disposition (Board of Selectmen)
ARTICLE 39: Use of Bond Premiums (Treasurer/Collector)
ARTICLE 40: Non-Criminal Fire Code Violations (Fire Chief)
ARTICLE 41: Board of Selectmen Authorized to Sign Lease (By Petition)
ARTICLE 42: Fales Elementary School Feasibility Study (School Committee)


what say you?