Westborough Shuttle comes to town!!

Written by michael h
Tuesday, 03 December 2013 08:12

Hurray!  We now have public shuttle running in town.  Have you seen the new buses that started yesterday?

Called the Westborough Shuttle, it's brought to us by the Worcestor Regional Transportation Authority (WRTA).  Service started yesterday, Dec 2nd, 2013.  

It's a WEEKDAY-ONLY service, running Monday thru Friday. Stops include:

  • MBTA Station
  • Computer Drive and Research Drive office parks
  • Route 30 McDonalds
  • Senior Center
  • Bay State Commons
  • Town Offices
  • Westborough Public Library
  • High School

It's a new service, starting out after a long time in thinking about various routes, and the need to serve the commuters coming into town and the residents within town.  

The WRTA plans to start and collect feedback, and can then change things to meet emerging needs. So let's give it a try, Westborough, and let's be both patient and kind with our feedback, as the inevitable bugs with any new service get worked out.  

WRTA is absolutely keen to hear how things are working, and are committed to incorporate feedback, learn, and make changes as needed in the futures.

See the WRTA site for information, and details about their schedules and stops.

From the above PDF schedule:

How to Ride the Bus

If this is your first trip on the bus, you may be a little nervous. Don’t worry — WRTA personnel are ready to help you! Here are a few tips:

  • It is best to arrive at the curbside at least five minutes early. Buses will stop if they are waved down and if it is safe to stop at that location.
  • When boarding the bus, give exact cash fare to the driver (if you qualify for reduced fare, show your identification card to the driver).
  • As the bus approaches your stop, let the driver know where you want to leave the bus.

For more information on How to Ride the Bus, visit www.therta.com/faqs/how-to-ride-the-bus or call 508-791-9782

Happy travelling, Westboronians!

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