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Candidate statements for 2017 Westborough Trustees of Public Library elections

Here are statements for the candidates running for the 2017 Westborough Trustees of Public Library. Only three positions are open, making this a contested race. The candidates are:

You may also find of interest this recording by Westborough TV for the Feb 26 “Meet the Candidates Night“, held at The Willows, and sponsored by the Westborough Town Democratic Committee.

Patricia Fontes

Candidate for Trustees of Public Library

My name is Patricia Fontes. I am running for re-election to be a Trustee of the Westborough Public Library

My husband and I have been residents of Westborough since 1985. I have earned a Master’s degree in Education and a Master’s degree in Library Science and retired as a public school librarian in 2012. I currently work part-time in a private school in Shrewsbury.

I am running for Library Trustee because I feel strongly about the importance of the Public Library in our community. Our library provides essential services for every resident of Westborough and offers these services in a cost effective manner.

As a Trustee, I feel it’s my job to promote the Library and the many programs it offers to improve the quality of life in our Town. Thanks to our Public Library, every Westborough resident can borrow the latest best sellers, access the Internet, complete assignments from elementary to graduate school. The Library also promotes the development of small businesses, engages teens in literacy activities, offers repair clinics for household items, promotes cultural activities through its free pass program and creates a sense of community through its “Screen on the Green” and other community events. These services are essential to the well-being of Westborough residents and to the community as a whole.

In order to serve our community better, the Library is exploring the possibility of renovation and expansion. The Library has applied for a substantial grant from the Commonwealth to rebuild and renovate the Library building. Should we receive that grant, I will join the other Library Trustees, Friends of the Westborough Public Library and other Library supporters in requesting l funds to create a library facility that will serve the Town well for at least the next 30 years.

I would appreciate your vote on March 7 so that I can continue to work on behalf of the Town and its wonderful Library.

Patricia J. Fontes, M.S., Ed; M.S.L.I.S.

Bill Linnane

Candidate for Trustees of Public Library

Hello from Bill Linnane

Bill is running for the 3 year term of LIBRARY TRUSTEE

His overall experience as a Planner– Engineer – Organizer and his LONG TIME SUPPORT of the Westborough Public Library make him the best candidate for this position.

In recent years he has assisted the Director and Board as a

  • Member of  Strategic Planning effort
  • Assisted in Recommendations of Building Updates
  • Helped in Contract and Legal Recommendations

Bill is an advocate of the LIBRARY and considers it the HUB OF WESTBOROUGH

His decision to run is primarily based on the following:

  • Broaden the makeup of the Trustee‘s committee by making it more diverse
  • To Assist the Trustees regarding decisions related to
    • Architectural & Construction items, and to
  • Enhance the HUB of the Community

His GOALS are to:

  • Accomplish Existing Needs
  • Ensure Strategic Plan is accomplished
  • Support the Director’s Plans

His CREDENTIALS include:

  • 60 years of residency (4th generation)
  • Experience of 50 years in Management and Engineer & Construction  that will bring new ideas and perspectives
  • Community involvement that includes the Westborough Rotary Club (Past Secretary), and Civic Club
  • Participation in following Organizations:
    • Westborough TV, (Past Chairman)
    • Three time Student Mentor in the Charlotte Spinney Scholarship Program (and Board Member).
  • Past assignments include
    • Town Finance Committee, Youth Group, Building Committee, and others

Bill would appreciate YOUR SUPPORT, and SEEKS YOUR VOTE on March 7

Bill Linnane

Dorothy Mello

Candidate for Trustees of Public Library

My passion for literature drew me to run for the post of Library Trustee in 2008, but the library is so much more than a collection of books. Over the last nine years, we have seen the collection grow and the number of patrons visiting our library increase. People come to borrow the books, and a whole lot more:

  • CD’s and DVD’s
  • Magazines and newspapers
  • Yard games
  • A telescope
  • Museum passes

Even as I write this, the list is growing !

Trustees support the implementation of programs for all by overseeing the library budget and policy decisions.

Children come to play in the Children’s Room, listen to stories, and participate in craft programs. Teens enjoy their own space and appropriate programs led by a full-time librarian who even works late during January and June exam time to allow students to access the library ’til 11PM, a very popular program.

Our Westborough Room and its dedicated librarian have peered into Westborough’s past with amazing results that have been catalogued locally and on the state level, adding much to the Westborough 300th Birthday.

Programs for adults run from book clubs and movies to learning lectures. Live authors visit to share their works. All are free and open to the public.

Digital technology enables patrons to obtain homework help, utilize variety of data bases and follow their favorite magazines at no additional cost.

We have a library director to pull it all together, keep us current in the world of libraries, and secure grants to enhance our financial resources and spearhead a plan for the future of our library as a hub of the town. We hope to receive a state grant to expand the library and its infrastructure to meet the ever-growing needs of our citizens for more access to technology, more meeting space, and larger specialty rooms, and additional computer and technical equipment to accommodate the growing population of the town and its varying needs.

Over the past three terms as a Trustee, I have served as secretary and as a member of the Library Building Committee. In this role, we have studied other libraries and their programs to enable us to provide you with the most up to date library possible. I would appreciate your vote to allow me to continue to work on your behalf for the library and its programs.


Dorothy Mello

Eric Waite

Candidate for Trustees of Public Library

It has been said that a room without a book is like a body without a soul (Cicero). Another hath claimed that only the educated are free (Epictetus).

What these two ancient thoughts have in common, is the belief in the sanctity of self-improvement. A public library is the physical embodiment of the idea that “the sum of the parts is greater than the whole”. A community can pool its resources and make those resources — be they books, access to the internet, museum passes, Bocce set, periodicals, a Media Maker space, etc. —  free and accessible to the public. In essence, we members of the community each give a little in the way of our taxes, and get back that that is priceless.

My name is Eric Waite and I am running for a seat on the Library Board of Trustees. As a former president of the Friends of the Library, and long time member of the same, I am keenly aware of the amazing resources we have at our library.

I hope to serve with the Board as they steer the library through a much needed renovation and expansion. The library of tomorrow, for example, may have a few less books (although
physical books will — I hope — always be part of the library experience), and the space that was once occupied by stacks will be used for collaborative work spaces. There are other big and exciting changes coming, for libraries are too smart to not adjust to the times, as well as to the needs and desires of those they serve.

Having extensive experience as a volunteer (e.g. current Board Member of the Westborough Community Land Trust, member of the Armstrong School Council, former member and Christmas tree schlepper for the Westborough Civic Club), I know that the outstanding work the library does can only continue if dedicated and enthusiastic citizens step up to lend a hand.

I will be able to take my background as an educator, coupled with what I have come to know of Westborough over the nearly 18 years that I have lived here and, hopefully, serve as a member on your Library Board of Trustees.

thank you,

Eric Waite


2015 Special Election Survey

It’s time for the Thursday poll!   Would you kindly share your feedback about the recent 11th Worcester District special election for State Representative?



[sorry for lack of formatting — webmaster] received 8:58PM

Good Evening,

Attached are the unofficial result of today’s State Election. Feel
free to call this office with any questions.


Deborah Ledoux
Assistant Town Clerk
34 West Main Street
Westborough, MA  01581
Phone: 508-366-3020

Representative in General Court

11th Worcester District PCT 4 PCT 5 TOTAL

Hanna E. Kane (R) 320 307   627

Jason Palitsch (D) 282 192   474

Write-Ins     0     0         0

Blanks   12     8     20

Total 614 507 1121


this just in 8:22 PM from Shrewsbury Town Clerk’s office,
from: Sandy Wright <>



PR. 1 PR. 2 PR. 3 PR. 4 PR. 5 PR. 6 PR. 7 PR. 8 PR. 9 PR.10 TOTAL
Hannah E. Kane












Jason Palitsch
















































Here’s why you should vote on March 31st!

You may recall our “Question for All” from our open letter to the candidates:

What do you say to the disenchanted or cynical electorate, who perhaps may feel that neither candidate is going to offer that big of a difference .. that we’re just going to end up with the same kinds of results … and that this election doesn’t really matter in the long run?

What might you say to offer a different point of view to people who may be thinking in this way?

We reached Jason Palitsch on the phone on Monday, who kindly shared his thoughts in response to the above question:

“Generally, I would say that for folks who take that kind of approach to individual elections over time, it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.

The best way to have your voice heard as part of the electoral process is either to run for office, or failing that, make sure you vote in an election.

Not everybody will feel strongly between one candiate or another, or between one side or another on an issue.

But whenever a voter decides that they’re not going to participate, or that their voice isn’t going to be part of the process, they create more distance between themselves and the result, not less.

So I always encourage folks to participate, whether they agree with me or not, whether they feel strongly or not.”

Jason went on to point out that in this election, one of the important differences between him and his opponent is in fact his relevant work experience: he worked on Beacon Hill as a legislative aide for three years.

“One of the key differences between us is experience; I’ve had experience accomplishing things in the State Legislature.”

P.S. Precincts 4 & 5 vote tomorrow (March 31), in the Westborough High School Gym, from 7am-8pm.  If you are not sure where you vote, call the Town Clerk’s office at 508-366-3020.

Town Clerk’s office hours:
Mon, Wed, Thu: 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.
Tue: 8 a.m. – 8 p.m.
Fri: 7:30 a.m. – noon.